Melting Chocolate Coating in Crock Pot

  • Use at least 5 lbs. of Chocolate Coating when melting with the crock pot method!  Any less will burn in your crock pot!!
  • Put 5 lbs. of Chocolate Coating in a crock pot at low heat until melted.  This should take about 1/2 hour.  Keep a close eye so it doesn’t overheat.  Stirring often will speed the melting process.
  • Once melted—Unplug cord from outlet.  A plugged in crock pot may still generate heat.
  • Chocolate Coatings should stay melted for about 1-1/2 hours before a slight re-melt.
  • You may also melt Peter’s Caramel (5 lb. block) in the crock pot following the same method as Chocolate Coating.