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Wilton Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser

411-7369MED2Fill baking cups and pan cavities easily with no drips or mess!!! Built in valve controls batter flow for uniform filling, so you get great-looking cupcakes and cakes every time.
Price: $3.99

Wilton Deluxe Brush Set

$(KGrHqV,!q0E-ZLYf(sPBP0gls8,fg~~60_35Gives you exceptional control when brushing flowers and leaves with Luster Dust and Pearl Dust.  Brushes are also ideal for attaching shapes using gum glue adhesive, striping decorating bags with color and adding brush embroidery with royal icing.

Wilton Brush Set

Price: $3.29

Vein Mats

Price: $16.99

Two-tone cupcake insert/separador

Kit2-2105-0169-MEDPlace in your cupcake pan to bake exciting multi-colored cupcakes.
Price: $5.99

Treat Pops Stand

1512-0719TPStd-MEDHolds up to 26 treat pops.
Price: $8.99

Treat Pops Decorating Stand

1512-0723TPDecStd-MEDConvenient stand holds 24 treat pops upright for decorating.
Price: $5.99

Towering Tiers Cake Stand

307-892_l1Six plate sizes to create the perfect cake or cupcake display.  Stand allows your cake or cupcake display to be the center of any celebration!! Also, available for rent, call Sarah's at 248-828-3430.
Price: $99.99

Tools - Tip organizer

405-8784_mHolds 55 standard-sized decorating tips, and also allows for stacking of tips.  Separate compartment holds couplers, flower nails and over-sized tips.  Angled for easy viewing and selection of tips.

Tools - Standard Series Stainless Steel Scoops

24553Standard-series scoops, offering a good quality scoop at a great value.

Tools - Silicone Striper Pastry Bags

Fat Daddios Sil Pastry BagWebshotThe silicone material is extremely flexible and designed to withstand temperatures from -40 degrees to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, making them perfect for all applications including chocolate, boiled sugar, and more. Bags are dishwasher safe on the top rack or can More Info »

Tools - Silicone Mat

!B(idWFwCGk~$(KGrHgoH-CoEjlLlfZ3LBKczOVgjZw~~_35Baking liner turns pan into a non-stick surface.  Use with cookies, cakes & other baked products.  Can be used in oven up to 600 degrees fahrenheit.
Price: $14.99

Tools - Professional - Series Baking Scoops

24560Our professional-series is built with solid core construction and is perfectly balanced for comfort in use.  It is built to withstand heavy commercial use.
Price: $21.99

Tools - Pastry Tubes

41iFsLOfVcLPolycarbonate Pastry Tubes, 12 pieces in hinged box.
Price: $14.99

Tools - Icing Comb Set

icing_comb_set_417-1154_large1Add a professional finish to your buttercream-iced cakes in a instant. Six different designs.
Price: $14.99
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