Filled Banana Bread Mini-Eggs



Bake your favorite banana bread recipe in Wilton’s Mini Egg Pan.
Add 1 TBS. Banana Fruit Gel flavoring to 2 Cups Riches Vanilla Bettercream icing.
Whip as directed.
Put this filling into a pastry bag.
Use decorating tip # 7 or the snorkel shaped Jelly Filler Tip # 230 to pipe the filling through top of the egg until it just starts to rise.
The center of the egg will be fluffy and creamy.
This will taste like a banana Twinkie.
It’s great when teachers and coaches don’t want sweet snacks.

Helpful Hint: Chill the bowl and beaters and then whip until it forms peaks like a meringue.

Some Variations include:


Fill your favorite cupcake by piping whipped Chocolate or Vanilla Riches Bettercream Icing through the top with tip # 7 or Jelly Filler Tip #230 to fill cupcakes.
Stop when the top starts to rise. Melt Spread-N-Gloss, the pourable chocolate icing, in the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds.
Pour the icing over the top.
The cupcake will be smooth and glossy with a creamy surprise inside.


Add 1 TBS Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon, or Banana Fruit Gel to Chocolate or Vanilla Riches Better Cream Icing.
Use the Jelly Filler Tip # 230 pipe the filling into the side of each cake section.
The center is filled when the top starts to rise.
Each slice will have a creamy center.